About Us

A cloud-based platform for owners and operators to create RFQ’s, and for suppliers, general contractors, and sub-contractors to quickly submit bids in response for products, services, and materials.

Centralize communication process, document management and vendor information. Create preset templates and emails for recurring tasks and instructions.
Standardize RFQ’s and RFP’s, utilize automated emails, and track responses in real time.
Everything needed in 3 easy steps:
1) Buyer creates a detailed RFQ
2) Vendors submit detailed costs/bids
3) Buyer compares standardized results and awards work

The Bidders Access Difference

Communications and Documentation:
Property managers have full control over the projects they list, and vendors selected to bid. Quickly communicate and document the entire bid process in a centralized cloud-based platform.

Users can easily create favorites and recurring templates. Bid responses come back in a standardized format making review and awarding more efficient.

Vendor Accessibility:
Bidders Access offers a public vendor pool, increasing available bidders and the competitive bid process.