Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a bid?

New bids can be created in as little as 5 minutes. Bids with a greater level of scope detail can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. By utilizing saved templates, the time to create new bids can be decreased significantly.


How long will training take?

 We can have your Team up and running in an hour, and there is no limit on training time available to you and your team! So whether it’s a live demo working through an actual pending bid, support in completing our training exercise, or a quick refresher, we’ll be available to make sure you and your Team has the support they need.


Can I find new vendors in this system?

Currently all bids are set to “private,” and will only utilize your vetted and approved vendors. We are currently in the process of creating a public list of vendors for Buyers to also choose from, but don’t want to release it until we have plenty of venders to share with everybody. Users will be notified when this network is made available.


Does the system keep a record of all my RFQs?

Yes, all RFQ details are saved in the system and a list of these can be exported as well for accounting and invoicing purposes. This includes all correspondence, attachments and documents. Can you believe how much time this will save in the long run?


When are e-mail notifications sent?

Invitation to Bid (sent to vendors when the RFQ is issued)

Intent to Bid (sent to buyer when vendor declares their intent)

Bid Submitted (sent to the buyer when vendor submits their bid)

General Message from the Bidder Log (sent to a supplier from the buyer)


Can a manager have read-only access?

There are a variety of user role options available. The roles are listed below:

Supervisor: Can view all records for all properties but can only edit their own

Buyer: Can only view their own records

Superuser: Can view all records for all properties and edit any record in the list

SuperUser (View Only): Can view all records for all properties but cannot edit any records


Do I have to pre-register vendors to get started?

 We do request a list of vendors to help speed up the registration process prior to needing a particular vendor for a live RFQ. The vendor registration process is quick and easy, so registering vendors can be performed as needed.


I forgot how to perform a specific function. Where can I get help?

Detailed instructions can be downloaded when you log in. Likewise, you can contact customer support at 720-475-8373, or via e-mail at


Can I edit the RFQ after it is sent?

You can edit anything up until the point a vendor replies to the request. Subsequently, you can change a limited number of fields like the Bid Due Date by clicking on a specific field within the appropriate screen, and then revising information. We do this, so we aren’t confusing bidders once they have accepted a bid.


What if I need to invite additional vendors after the RFQ has been sent?

Additional bid requests can be sent by opening the bid log and clicking on the “Select Bidders” button to invite additional vendors.


Can vendors upload documents like a contract?

A vendor can upload documents including contracts, insurance, warranties, etc. as they fill out the RFQ details.

Can I use previous RFQ’s to create a new RFQ?

In order to make the process easy, many fields can be saved as templates to speed up future RFQ creation. The line item detail can be exported to excel and then re-used later if needed.

If you have any further questions, please call 1 (800) 375-7870